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company news about The development of various stabilizers

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Company News
The development of various stabilizers
Latest company news about The development of various stabilizers


Global environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter, humans have increasingly strong requirements for environmental purification on which they live, and regulatory pressures restricting the use of heavy metal heat stabilizers are increasing, making the development and production of heat stabilizers non-toxic, efficient, and multifunctional. The pace of direction development has accelerated. Tin-free, low-lead, low-dust, and replacement of lead salts have become the focus of the development of heat stabilizers worldwide. There are relatively few new chemical substances introduced as stabilizers, and composite stabilizers are overwhelming.

The development of various stabilizers presents the following trends.


(1) Lead salt dust-free is the most basic requirement, and the low lead is forced by the environment. In view of the outstanding performance of lead salts in pipes and insulating materials, the progress of lead-free in the world is slow. The real withdrawal of lead salts from the historical stage requires the emergence of new lead-free products with excellent performance and price ratio, and the strengthening of environmental protection regulations is also required time.


(2) Methyl tin products with excellent organotin properties have been greatly developed, especially in China. my country already has a number of methyl tin patents. In recent years, Shenzhen Fansheng and Hubei Nanxing have made fruitful efforts in the production and promotion of methyl tin. Starting from the raw material tin, Fansheng adopts its own patented technology to master the key to the production technology of 6000t of methyl tin per year, and develops a new inverse cool type organotin compound, marking that the production of organotin in my country has reached a high level. Level. At present, vigorously develop our country's organotin stabilizer to make the structure of heat stabilizer more reasonable. There are no technical obstacles. What is needed is the guidance of policies and regulations.


(3) Metal soap non-toxic calcium/zinc stabilizers have a very broad development space. Foreign countries have used calcium/zinc stabilizers in the fields of large diameter pipes and insulation. However, the domestic development of composite metal soaps has not paid enough attention, and there is a lack of high-performance auxiliary stabilizers. Compared with foreign countries, the contrast is large. The development of high-performance composite metal soap relies on high-performance auxiliary stabilizers.


(4) Rare earth stabilizers are heat stabilizers with Chinese characteristics, and their development momentum is strong. At present, there are more than 10 domestic manufacturers and scientific research units involved in the development of rare earth stabilizers. Manufacturers in Baotou and other places seize the opportunity of my country's large-scale development of the western region and plan to build a large-scale rare earth stabilizer base. However, most of the rare earth stabilizers introduced at present are composites of rare earth and lead salts, which can only be used as a transitional product for the low lead. The widespread use of rare earth stabilizers also needs to better solve the problem of insufficient lubricity and processability.


(5) Pure organic compounds Pure organic stabilizers are valued as substitutes for metal stabilizers. Compared with metal stabilizers, pure organic products are environmentally friendly products and are expected to play a huge role in replacing toxic heavy metal stabilizers.


(6) Other products New compounds used as heat stabilizers in recent years include hydrotalcite series, perchlorate, etc.


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